Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 192 of 209

27 May

192 of 209

The people of Johnson County lob bombs at the Stock Growers Association, but not just any bombs, cartoon bombs. Picture the kind of explosive Wile E Coyote would use – a wiry fuse leading to a bulbous housing. I can’t see the body of the bombs too well through the dust carcasses, but I’m presuming “BOMB” is printed on them. Did bombs really look like that? Isn’t that just an animation invention? I thought this was a United Artists picture, not a Warner Bros cartoon.

Or are they sticks of TNT? Still, that’s straight from the Roadrunner handbook. Come to think of it, the log cabin tank the townspeople constructed could have been bought from ACME. Next, James will be levering a boulder off a cliff. James’ cartoon name would be Jim E Boulder. My cartoon name would be Tim. OK, I haven’t thought that one fully through…

Beep! Beep!



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