Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 193 of 209

28 May

193 of 209

The battle rages on! Da da da duh-da da da da da da da-num. Sorry, I was humming a Deep Purple guitar riff. The Battle Rages on is a heavy track from their 1993 album of the same name. It was the second reunion of the classic Mk II line-up. Mixed results. There’s a dragon on the cover. I assume its name is Thomas.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes; Paris. Love that city, I’ll have to get back some time. But where was I in referrence to minute 193? A raging battle, that’s right.

A man finds himself in the dirt. Bullets fly and bombs explode. A wagon rolls toward him. His legs are right in its path. Move them, buddy. Whenever you’re ready. There’s plenty of time to just bend your knees and draw your legs toward you. Any day now… just pull ’em in. It’s not rolling that quickly, come on, lift them out of the way… Lift. Lift! Yeek! Yes, or you could just leave them their to be run over. That was the other and evidently more preferable option. Sorry I didn’t think of it. I am not filled with hope at the townsfolk’s prospects of winning this war.

I shall leave you with the guitar TAB of the opening riff of The Battle Rages On.


It sounds more intricate on the record, but if you use the right plectrum, you’ll hear it.


The Battle Rages On, by Deep Purple Youtube


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