Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 194 of 209

28 May

194 of 209

So many deaths in this battle sequence. People are being shot left, right and centre-right. The fallen are characters you vaguely recognize, but I have to say it’s hard to be moved by their deaths. Oh no, another two dimensional character whose name I don’t know has been shot or weirdly run over.

Pretty much every immigrant in Johnson County is dead now. I don’t think they conducted a force depletion report before launching this campaign.

“Casualties will be %100. Should we risk it?”

“Yeah, why not? You only live once.”

The death count is high on both sides. I think the mercenaries were well underpaid. But if they receive payment based on the amount of people they shoot, how will they know their final tally? No one is keeping score and I believe there is plenty of opportunity for unscrupulous assassins to rort the system.

If an unscrupulous mercenary has rorted you or a loved one, please report the incident to Rort-Retort on 0499 998 324. Or email them at sally_splatz_housieslove@hotmail.com

O-oh, Stock Growers Association reinforcements have arrived…


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