Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 195 of 209

29 May

195 of 209

The troopers gallop in a circle around the remaining combatants. Even though the Secretary General of the Stock Growers Association rides with them, I think the troopers are swooping in to break up the fight.

Like when I was in Year 8 and Ed Williams and Nigel Beager were fighting because Nigel had swapped Ed a scratched TAZO for a packet of chips and the PE teacher Mr. Lewis rushed over to break them up. But it was too late, Nigel was already dead. Hmm, I could really go some chips.

The blue coats circle the battle ground at a furious pace, whipping up dust and eggs for a meringue. They’re riding so fast, they’re going to create a tornado! I thought tornadoes were caused by instability in the atmosphere when cool and warm air meet during a thunderstorm. Shows what I know.

Now, the thing to remember is moisture is the greatest enemy of the meringue. But moisture is necessary for the formation of tornadoes. The moral is never make a meringue in a thunderstorm. But if you are, wear an apron.


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