Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 196 of 209

30 May

196 of 209

The royal messenger riding comes! Alright, it’s America, the messenger is unlikely to be royal.

But the battle is over, apparently. Not really much of a battle – two groups of people killed each other for a bit, then it’s interrupted. The Supremo of the Stock Growers Association has a note from the Governor. I hope it’s a message instructing a happy ending.

“I decree all shall realise the value of human blah blah blah and peacefully blah blah blah. All crimes are pardoned and you are each to receive a castle and a title.” I strongly wish that’s what it’ll say, but I have a feeling I am to be disappointed.

The Governor’s telegram instructs that only authorities outside and above County officials can reduce the state of anarchy in Johnson County. The troopers are going to round up the immigrants and that’ll be the end of the killing. Is it just me, or does that blow harder than a meringue tornado?

The whole fricken film has been leading up to the grand battle between the immigrants and the Stock Growers Association. “$50 a day, plus expenses”, “Jim, a war is coming”, impending doom here, imminent death there. Then, they face off and some bloke rides in and calls it off.

It’s like if the Harry Potter films, which to my mind were pretty much seven movies of Voldermort gathering strength and one of the final battle, ended with Harry and The Dark Lord eying each other, wands at the ready, then in floats the magic brigade and calls it a draw. Ugh!



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