Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 199 of 209

31 May

199 of 209

A surviving immigrant despondently  puts a pistol in her mouth. Must have something stuck in her teeth. I tell ya, once you get a bit of corn trapped between your molars, it can be bloody annoying. Oh! No! Woops, I was wrong. That’s awkward. It was taffy, not corn.

Jim walks into the distance, toward the mountains. I think he’s about to stage The Sound of Music. Now is not the time to perform popular Rogers and Hammerstein tunes! Edel-weiss up, Jim.

Where is he going? Don’t walk, borrow a horse. There’s like fifty standing around being all horse-like. Were there horses in The Sound of Music? Or just Nazis? Or Nazi horses!?

This scene finishes with wind whipping the battlefield. It’s a solid performance from the wind. I’d give it a BAFTA.



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