MIAF 2014 DAY 3: Sacrebleu Showcase & Paris Programs Launch

23 Jun

Vast amounts of the world’s best animation comes from France. Sacrebleu Productions is a French animation company that produces a lot of France’s amazing animation of all styles. The one common quality of the films in this showcase is beauty. In their own way, each one of these films is beautiful to watch. The best films of the session:

where dogs die

Where Dogs Die – Svetlana Filippova. Gorgeous sand animation about the eerie way that animals always seem to be the first to know about tragedies. This film looks stunning. And when you consider that a single sneeze could ruin an hour’s work it makes you appreciate the film even more.

My Little Brother From The Moon – Frederic Philibert. Very sweet drawn animation about a little autistic boy that is told through the eyes of his slightly older sister. What makes this film so adorable is that it tells the story of a child who is clearly different, and his sister realises this, but instead of fearing him or feeling sorry for him she does what she can to understand him; and it is all narrated by a young French girl.

blue room

Moi – Ines Sedan. Interesting film about gender confusion and eventual realisation; it involves a man who has a woman inside him, then a whole bunch of women and men dance together and the woman breaks out and all seems right. The black & white cut-out animation works perfectly with the film’s theme.

A Blue Room – Tomasz Siwinski. My perception of this film is a man in a room who is reflecting over his life during a near-death experience. He is dwelling on his regrets and considering what he would have done differently. Even if this isn’t the exact story, even if you are unable to find a story here it doesn’t matter because the painted animation and string instrument score make this film too beautiful to look away from.


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