MIAF 2014 DAY 8: International Program #4

28 Jun

International Program #4


The fourth of the competition programs. This particular session was rather strange. There were no obvious festival winners that stood out and most films left no impression on me. There were a few standouts though, and they were:


Baths / Łaźnia – Tomek Ducki. An elderly woman goes for a dip in a pool, but while she in under water the world is inverted, she is younger and she is racing for the win. Possibly a flashback to her earlier life, possibly a fantasy of something that never was; but whatever the story is it is told in a delightfully unique fashion with the use of colour separating the inverting worlds, and the camera work showing the fantasy world as up-side-down.


Sea Of Letters– Julien Telle, Renaud Perrin. Even though this film did have an interesting story behind it; that being the Spanish letters that never got sent thanks to the French during the Spanish civil war; the animation style is the most memorable feature. The film is animated using water on walls and pavement during sunny weather. The effects are amazing as fresh water is added while the rest dries up. It is also a good effort to prevent any stray drops of water ruining the shot.

sea of letters

History of Pets – Kris Genijn. Quirky film about the horrible luck a family has had with their pets. The tragedies include a budgie that died from pancake fumes, a rabbit that became dinner, fish that were polluted, and a cannibalistic tortoise. The cartoony animation suits the slightly morbid humour brought on by the subject matter.


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