MIAF 2015 DAY 4: International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase

26 Jun

International Program #6 – Abstract Showcase


The human brain is satisfied when things make comprehensive sense, almost as if everything needs to have a reason. Art as a whole is a fascinating subject because it is proof that not all brains function exactly the same way; why did I love this film when you hated it? But then we get to abstract art where sense is deconstructed and the brain does not know how to react. This makes many blow their nose at abstract animation. To say that a film has no sense to be made can be a challenging concept to grasp. If one has the ability to switch off that part of the brain that wants a reason for why there are splotches of colour and scattered lines all over the cinema screen then there is a lot of pleasure to be found in the Abstract Showcase. This session is always one of my favourites, and this year is no exception. Here are my top picks:

Pluto 3000 – Enrico Ascoli, Fabio Tonetto. The deconstruction of Disney’s beloved dog. The evolving black and orange blob with demented barks is actually quite funny. Yes, abstract animation can be funny.

Line – Steven Subotnick. Another abstract animation that made me laugh. There is a square with some lines. These lines move. When they move they make the sound of vocal exercises attempting to find the correct pitch.

Edisonnoside – If You Leave – Christian Coppe. Truly amazing work of abstract art and my top pick for this session. It’s one of those films where words won’t do it much justice, but I will say that it is a music video that has a perfect harmony between sound and image, where the visuals are truly captivating in a nonsensical manner.


A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time – Max Hattler. This year I have discovered that I thoroughly appreciate minimal yet vibrant colours on a black background. So see what I mean, click the link.

Stopcycle – Benjamin Ducroz. Hypnotically soothing Australian abstract animation using wood sculptures spinning to emit the illusion of the rippling water effect.


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