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SFF 2011: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN: Delivering justice one shell at a time.

9 Jun

By Luke Folkard

Jason Eisener’s semi-comedic, Technicolor exploitation flick, Hobo With a Shotgun, is the second fake trailer made real from Tarantino and Rodriguez’s 2007 Grindhouse double . If you enjoyed the first, Machete, you should be pleased with this retro VHS gore fest that harkens back to the seedy cinemas of the 70’s and the dusty video shelves of the 80’s.

For fans of John Carpenter, Dario Argento, and the tradition of the old slasher era, this is a must see, with an authentic and excellent soundtrack to boot.  Made in Canada, on the cheap, I must also hint that fans of Trailer Park Boys should be taking a look.


Bladerunner villain, and veteran Dutch actor, Rutger Hauer delivers convincingly bad one-liners and yet somehow also brings dignity to the eyes of Hobo (while continuously eviscerating with the shotgun).

A HUGE warning to the weak of stomach and sensitive of temperament: simply avoid this movie! You will be confronted every few minutes with scenes so borderline taboo even the hardest horror fans will double take. Fortunately, this movie is almost never serious, leaving you laughing though every dismemberment and worse.

Definitely the sleaziest, wrongest film of the SFF this year or maybe ever.


Hobo with a Shotgun is showing again at Sydney Film Festival on Monday, 13 June


Sydney Film Festival 2011: AFR Suggestions

31 May

1. Michael de Martino


SURVIVING LIFE: I am a Švankmajer nut. He is my third favourite director ever. I own all the films it is possible to own from him. I have also written on him and have mentioned him in numerous writings. I knew this film was on the brink of a release but as of yet I haven’t been able to get my hands on it so naturally, this is my top selection of the films at the festival. I should stop here because I can get very carried away with Švankmajer. The guy is a genius, no doubt about it.

THE TROLL HUNTER: I was quite a fan of The Blair Witch Project, so to hear of a satirical Nordic film about trolls made in the same style made my jaw drop. I haven’t seen too many Nordic films which is something I hope to rectify asap, and what better way to do this than by seeing a totally unique film like this one? Genre films like this don’t come around as often as they should, so you have to enjoy them whenever you can.

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