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Weekend Reading #2

2 May

1. Making a film involves dealing with a large group of people with different controlling interests. It can all go terribly wrong. The recent case of Margaret (Keith Lonergan‘s follow up to his art-house hit You Can Count on Me) shows what happens when you finish a film, those people start bickering, and you can’t release the film. 3 years hardwork down the gurgler, career effectively on hold. Pretty tragic. {link}


2. Enfant terrible, Russell Brand is set to do a remakes of Drop Dead Fred and Arthur. He sparked controversy recently on his radio show when he rang up Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in Faulty Towers, and described sex acts he had done with his grand daughter. Brand and co host Jonathan Ross were fired and banned from the BBC, while Sachs has recently stated the stunt has been good profile raising publicity for him. {link}

3. 20th Century Fox and Oliver Stone to make a Wall Street. The inestimably bland Shia Lebouf (Transformers, Indy 4) to star as Gordon Gecko’s apprentice. I hope they do something interesting in light of the BFC (Big Friendly Crisis) {link}

4. Speaking of sequels, here is the Stupid Idea of the Week – Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters {link}

5. Christian Bale explains his crazed rant from the set of Terminator 4, he feels trust has been violated by sound guys. I like him {link}.

6. Two sisters, daughters of English gangster Les Falco, have just released a documentary about London’s east end criminals called The End. While mostly talking heads with their dad and his mates, this looks like it might offer fascinating access to a world popularised recently by Guy Ritchie’s Snatch and Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels. {Guardian interview} {Variety review}.

7. Here is an article that argues we should teach the ‘seventh art’ (Cinema) in schools. {link}

8. And finally, here are Professor Walton’s Boxing Cats: